Are we only born to be stepladders?

So how did you get here?I imagine for the same reasons as you: my owners are moving house and it was easier for them to leave me behind here.My story is a little different. I was once a store ladder.Wow, that’s amazing! Do people take ages fiddling with things before choosing what to buy? Tell me everything!It’s not that easy. They’re very ashamed of us and only get us out of the storeroom when the store is empty and no one is looking.How sad! Everything changes and we’re hidden away under lock and key.Are we only born to be stepladders?

The perfect gift to save the date!

Select the color, customize a unique and personalized DUO for an unforgettable offer.

Ferral celebrates father's day!

On the 19th March Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide, honoring fathers and their influence in society. At Ferral we have decided to do it all together, inviting our team members to pick their favourite color and create a special gift card:

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What color is your imagination?