Father’s Day at Ferral


On the 19th March Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide, honoring fathers and their influence in society. At Ferral we have decided to do it all together, inviting our team members to pick their favourite color and create a special gift card:

Alberto always looks on the bright side of life! Yellow evokes happiness and sunshine.

Carlos selected the color blue, representing the reminiscence of the sky and the sea. Blue makes you remember the clear azure skies on a warm summer’s day.

Narciso believes green is the perfect mix between harmony, nature and birdsong. It reflects the peace and tranquility on earth.

Gold represents charisma and victory for those who take their achievements seriously. Pedro picked the life’s winner!

Rúben represents the fire, energy and love of the team! We share our greatest passions with red.

Ferral is the leading Portuguese manufacturer and distributor of aluminum and fiberglass ladders, stepladders and scaffolding. Besides our core business, we have recently launched a new project of a premium stepladder specially designed for glamorous and fancy interiors.

The traditional stepladder is usually seen as a not very stylish object but DUO was created to change that, aiming to be a staple in the domestic and retail sectors.

We don’t want to only get stepladders out of the storeroom when no one is looking. We were born to be more than a stepladder.

DUO, Step up your imagination!